summer rayne oakes

eXtinction is an environmental art short that brings together powerful storytelling with visceral imagery. View it here:

It depicts that the most pressing environmental issues are not happening thousands of years from now, but are in fact happening within our lifetime, and more personally on the timeline of a young woman’s life - from birth to death.

CLAYTON HASKELL (director) takes viewers on a visually stunning journey through space and time, while SUMMER RAYNE OAKES (Producer/Writer/Actress) breathes fervent passion and emotion to the piece through her own personal story and life.

“eXtinction is very much an urgent call to action as it is a chilling account of what we stand to lose. Oftentimes such widespread change seems so out of reach - but when you are able to juxtapose it against something as fleeting as a person’s life, it becomes vividly apparent.”

- SUMMER RAYNE OAKES, Writer/Producer/Actress

SUMMER RAYNE OAKES was born and raised in the countryside of Northeastern Pennsylvania. She developed an early affinity for the natural world and later went on to study Environmental Science and Entomology at Cornell University, where she was awarded a Udall Scholarship for environmental and academic excellence.

Oakes is a model-activist, author of Style, Naturally, former host on Discovery Network’s Planet Green, and co-founder of Source4Style. Most recognized for trailblazing a career in cause-related modeling, Oakes is known to many as The World’s First Eco-Model. She has collaborated with numerous brands creating greener products and services - from Payless Shoe Source to Modo eco eyewear.

Vanity Fair has named Oakes a “Global Citizen,” Glamour called her one of the “Top 70 Women in Green,” Outside listed her as one of the “Top Environmental Activists,” and CNBC anointed her one of the “Top 10 Green Entrepreneurs.”

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